What is The Street Store?

The Street Store is a pop-up store for the homeless, that can be created in any community around the world, where the homeless shop for free.

However, we aren’t a clothing drive, so we don’t take donations ahead of the pop-up. We want people to meet and to interact – so the world’s haves can meet the have-nots and they can remember that both sides are human.

What happens after I take The Street Store pledge?

Our posters, guidebook and presentation document will download to your computer. You will find PDFs (which can be printed immediately) and InDesign files (which are the editable so you can add your company’s logo.) You can only open these if you have InDesign – let us know if you need help!

Once you have planned your Street Store, you send us the details, so we can put everything on our site and make you a Facebook event. If the files are in the wrong language, please let us know and we can translate it.

Why aren’t the posters in my language?

Please drop us a mail on hello@thestreetstore.org and we can chat about translating the posters into your language!

How do I find an event in my community?

Please like our Facebook page where we add all our events. Then you can find one in your community and chat to them directly. You can also find a list on our website, here.

How do I get my official Street Store number and event?

After you’ve taken the pledge and received our files, you need to organize your store. Once you have all the details, please email the following to hello@thestreetstore.org so we can create your event:

– Name of the town and city for the title

– Name of hosts for the title.

– Date

– Time of opening and closing

– Exact Address

– A description of who you are and why you are doing this. As well as any partner or sponsor info that you need to share.

I see my official event online, how do I become the host?

Please click that you’re attending on the event and then email us on hello@thestreetstore.org so we know.

Please remember to take photos at the event and upload them to your Facebook Page, as well as a story about how the day went.

Why can’t I make my own Facebook, Twitter or web page?

Creating singular Street Store pages is not allowed. This is because there is one official Street Store and the rest of the hosts, host in their personal capacities.

If each and every person hosting a store created their own, we’d ultimately have a mishmash of hundreds of Facebook/Twitter/Web pages that dilute the original, creating a lot of confusion.

Also, as anyone can create a store, we don’t anyone to worry that they can’t as there already seems to be an official Street Store in that region.

We create official event pages for each of our hosts, which they use to generate exposure, give information and direct people to donate, engage and volunteer. It gives credibility, and also allows us to share with the whole of our community, not just yours.

I applied on your website, so why haven’t I received the files?

It can take a few days to receive the files! If it’s been more than a week already, please retake the pledge as it may not have gone through.

Where do I get the posters printed?

Phone a few printers in your area – they can either help you or point you in the right direction. Sometimes they’ll even sponsor you, and then you can post about them on your official Facebook event.

How many posters should I get printed?

This depends on how big the area is that you’re using. In a 50m space, we use 20 poster sets (hanger and shoe box) for male and 20 poster sets for female with a 4 or 5 informative posters in between.

Why won’t the files that I downloaded open?

All of the posters are both in indesign and PDF format. The PDF should always open, the indesign files are for editing purposes.

If you don’t need to edit them, any printer can use the PDF to print. If you do need to edit them, either ask a friend with indesign, or if the printer is kind enough, they can help too. If need be, you can send us the changes that you need to make and we can help you out as well!

There has already been a Street Store in my area, can I do another one?

The more Street Stores the better. Each one helps a different homeless community.

 If I take the pledge, do I have to host a Street Store?

Not at all! You are not obligated in any way.

What if want to ask questions before I take the pledge?

When you take the pledge we send you a guidebook on how The Street Store works. That’s where a lot of questions will be answered. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch.

If you read the guidebook it and decide against hosting a Street Store, it’s ok! You’re not obligated to hosting one.

Can I donate money to The Street Store?

We don’t take financial donations at all. If you want to donate funds, please consider donating directly to a homeless shelter as The Street Store is purely based on clothing.